refresh website refreshed

I knew that it was time to overhaul the refresh website when I could only update it by searching out my old old laptop, waiting a while until the battery charge up enough to switch it on and praying constantly that it wouldn’t break down before I’d finished. A number of software updates meant that new versions of the software I was using to publish the site wouldn’t work with our old site set up and the old version of the software wouldn’t work on my new computer, so for a long while I had sorting this mess out on the bottom of my todo list but the fun stuff of life always seamed to trump that task. However, after spending a couple of very trying days last week attempting to get our new data privacy notice uploaded and linked to from all the right places, with the constant whirring of the fans worrying me while I tried to work out why our policy document wasn’t available to read, I decided that I’d take advantage of a relatively quiet weekend and give the website a belated spring clean. So, I hope you are enjoying the new look of the refresh website. After a weekend of cutting, pasting, tweaking and coding, the updated refresh website has arrived. Still based on the awesome Hugo static site generator we’ve updated the look and feel and added a few more sections to the site including this blog area. Let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to see here.

refresh website refreshed image